Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A note on rational collective behaviour

There is nothing if not a result of evolution (it seems). Survival of the "fittest" presumes only a local partially-ordered-valued fitness function. Evolution is largely based on the 0th law of physics: the principle of least action, mixed with pure chance. What that inevitably leads to is a non-monotonic fitness function and a local-optima-finding traversal scheme. Plus the fitness function is non-monotonic also in the time-dimension of its domain. So it isn't even the case that over large enough periods of time evolution will create species that are provably better than their ancestors. Platipii, remember?

Now it is the case that humans possess considerable brain-power to resolve fairly real-world scenarios to be able to predict a few plies. Plus just the fact that kin are often closest in location (by the obvious locality of reproduction and locomotion) makes it probable for those genes to survive which create higher compassion for genes (and memes) closest in kinship. Nothing "other-worldly" about this. These two combined give rise to society. With sufficient (yet finite) memory capacity this leads to culture.

Society, politics are only survival of the fittest, where fitness is a non-monotonic (chaotic?) function over biospheric space-time. That is why we have greater or lesser effectiveness of various social behaviors and policies.

Also remember: absolutes and authorities have survived a long time, because of the _limits_ of our mental capacities as a species.

Generally, ethos is fractal casuistry.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yet another articulation of the value of science

Real processes in the real world are defined among neural networks like ours in terms of large vocabularies and correspondingly complex grammars defined by the underlying scientific tradition(s) given us by the giants who are truly the luminescent cadaver under our alleged laurels. Sincere weaklings classify these hierarchies of meaning as jargon, and the death-worthy regurgitate un-/misunderstood strings from such languages to appear noteworthy among their janitorial kin.

The true aspirant of vivek (conscientious discrimination), however, attacks the very foundations of one's own apparent claim to superiority, precisely to rid oneself of all that is merely "apparent" or "believed". Often such courageous toil leads to a deep bijection between the personally perceived and the popularly believed. Such an achievement, in itself, is worthy of being called the culmination of an intellectual life. Occasionally, it leads to the breakup and reorganization of that photo-voltaic corpse of unconnected beliefs into genuinely weighty connections, i.e. to novel understanding. Such happenings are often mis-articulated as "supernatural enlightenment" by the sincere weakling and the death-worthy pretender alike.

A neural network that "believes in oneself" without the requisite conviction of being ever-ready for judgment by all and sundry is logically obligated to find a spoonful of pigeon-shit to drown its own over-existence in. This, in slightly inebriated terms, is the injection from my mind (the conceptual space within which I exist) into the value of Science.

~ bows to the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster ~

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Community for DLF Express Greens (Manesar / New Gurgaon)

For those with genuine interest in the DLF Express Greens (I and II) project in Manesar, there is a newly formed community on Orkut. I am hoping that Allottees / Applicants / Owners join this community so we can collaborate to get the best services from DLF for this project. I think this would be a good forum to discuss our concerns, share information, and thus do a better job securing our investment.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Vanity in Masochism

Kaaga sab tan khaaiyo mera chun chun khaiyo maas
Do naina mat khaiyo mohe piya milan ki aas

The claim that "I" is more than the physical. The claim to a love that resides entirely in the eyes that await it. The claim to possess a pain that is greater than any -- physical or imaginable. The audacity to state readiness for these claims to be tested. The vanity in the masochism that is love is Sufi poetry.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The attraction gene

Another supporting example for the consciousness of the Whole. Attraction is fractal. The Whole is attracted to Itself.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ooty trip

A stream on the way back

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Abstract Consciousness

A swarm of a thousand selves, each with a hue and glow of its own creates a brilliant dance, like the shimmering of a gentle lake in the early morning sun. A diamond dazzles but for a moment, and indeed that ephemeral dazzle is the diamond. "Diamond" is not a stone. It is a concept, a name for something much greater. As we go up in the ladder of abstraction, a diamond is brilliance. Abstractions interacting lead to yet "higher" abstractions, and from the instantaneous we progress towards the eternal. From a shimmer to brilliance, from attraction to love, from thought to understanding, from existence to consciousness, from consciousness to meaning. Semantics reside in relations between symbols. And these relations are themselves symbols. Syntax defines structure, and when a structure is able to represent parts or the whole of itself, the structure gains intrinsic meaning, that is, it acquires an awareness of self.

The dance is continuous, flowing. Watching it in parts, one sees abrupt changes, but from the right level of abstraction, it feels natural, like the flutter of a light white skirt in a gentle breeze, complementing the serenity of her calm face on a worriless morning.

It is when I see this form of Her in the continuous dance of my Self, that I give the name "bliss". And there does not exist any enlightenment beyond it.

I am the shimmering lake, and in that instance I am It. Eternal, Formless, Limitless, Conscious of my Infinitude.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Maati Kudam Karendi Yaar

Yet more blasts. The dance continues. Lives are lost. Initial fear, followed by frenzy, followed by Mumbaikars showing resilience, proactiveness and unity, followed by passive anger at the state of politics, too many words, too little action.

Assassinate all suspects, empower RAW. Finish the follow-through atleast. The soil dances a meaningless dance. What is the meaning of all this you ask? No meaning, only syntax, and whatever meaningless meaning comes from complex interplay of syntax.

Kudos and my condolences to all Mumbaikars. The show must go on, and the spirit must soar.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Getting Value out of the Investment Game

If your trust is based in fundamentals, if your eggs are spread wide across diverse baskets, if every entity whose stock you hold produces and sells something that you'd buy with confidence if you had the money and the need/desire, if the rise of your portfolio has been gradual and sustained, if you spend your own time researching and investing at least a good part of your own money, then market crashes are a time to buy, cautiously picking the birds that are pulled down for a moment but look strong enough to take flight soon.

Investment is a delicate dance, performed on the edge of a cliff in sporadic storms. If thy fingers are nimble, play on, and make a show to remember. What value do stock market investors add? Their collective mind, evaluating our production mechanisms. Stock markets act as Quality Assurance measures taken to ensure healthy economic growth.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Little Paradise

The little known village is in a little known lap of the Himalayas. It is called Nunoori Behli, the local pronunciation for Nunoor Valley. Sainj, a tributary to the Beas flows right in front of my land. Plum , Almond and Apple grow wild here, littering the ground. The local neighbors are simple people. Living in raised wooden homes that creek even under the lightest feet. The sun comes up from behind the thick, lush foliage, pouring drops of radiance over this valley of slow life contrasted against the rush of the river. The water is pure, drinkable straight from fast river, sweet to taste.

The short way to reach is a wooden rope-bridge that gets washed away every few years because of flooding. When the bridge is not there, the walk is about 4 kilometers. 4 kilometers of blissful strolling on foot-wide meandering paths drawn by the erasable pencils of local feet.

There is peace here. My idea of paradise. We own a small piece of land. Some day I'll build a small home here, for the times when nothing but solitude gives solace.