Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Atman, brahman and action

If ALL IS brahman, (not part of brahman, but brahman itself), then ultimately it doesn't matter whether mAyA is real or unreal, because either way, it is brahman (just like "I am" or "you are").

Remember that brahman already exists. it doesn't "come into being" upon the attainment of enlightenment. so in the absolute sense, it doesn't matter whether one attains enlightenment or not, because one already IS brahman. but it is worthy to note that enlightenment is NOT the attainment of brahmanhood, but is the realization of the fact of universal (and thus self), eternal brahmanhood. enlightenment, along with understanding, also gives the gut feeling which elludes us in our "current state".

In the real sense, all these actions mean nothing. asking why we are deluded in the first place is asking for a cause (which is mAyA since causality itself is mAyA) of mAyA within mAyA. mAyA doesn't "cease to exist" upon enlightenment. if such was the case we would all have been enlightened the moment the first being became enlightened. mAyA remains as it is even for the enlightened one. it is just that now the mukta knows and feels oneness that is brahman and mAyA and him/her.

Seeking enlightenment is an action which is pure mAyA. but it is considered the highest action (comparatives can only be used within mAyA) because it leads to a complete understanding (and experiencing) of the ultimate Truth, the nonduality of Atman and brahman.


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