Friday, February 10, 2006

2 cents on the IIPM Farce

In light of the recent and ongoing initiative by concerned bloggers, I think it is relevant to add that the Delhi campus much touted by IIPM has no swimming pool at its main premises. The swimming pool that they so loudly advertised is in fact located in the Mehrauli area of Delhi, on land that has been allotted for a farm house. The commercial use of this land (non-accredited institutions are legally commercial ventures) is unauthorised and thus part of the Delhi campus of IIPM is illegitimate unless a special permitting order is produced by IIPM.

This part of their "campus" is located about 6 kilometers from the main IIPM buildings and is not open to students on all weekdays. Busses full of IIPM students are brought here on predetermined days (usually twice to thrice a week). The swimming pool inside is by no standards adequate for any serious swimmer.

It is amazing how a personal farm can be advertised as part of a campus. Even its use as a campus for a non-accredited institution is a crime by the Indian constitution. But alas, the constitution cannot enforce itself.

This blog is for the scores of students who, unable to secure positions at any of the well regarded institutions of the country, might be considering IIPM as an option. My advice, as of many others, is to beware of institutions like IIPM and Amity.


Blogger Aruna said...

wow! this is an eye opener!! i know several people who swear by institutes like IIPM........should make them read your blog and maybe get more info to know the real truth......

April 18, 2006 10:46 AM  

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