Saturday, February 11, 2006

Of Self Neglect and Seperatism

The curfew and police shootout at a crowd of 20,000 people is a shame for us.

A gathering of 20,000 cannot be organized without reason. That such a large crowd had gathered (even for violent purposes) suggests that there is something wrong with the administration there. 20,000 people together cannot be "terrorists". When will the government wake up to the graveness of conditions in North-East India? I hope the rest of India joins me in apologizing for tolerating a socio-political climate in which such things are permissible. I wish something can be done soon.

We are axing our own feet with our complacence. Let's condemn the actions of the police there. To solve a problem, we first must find out the cause of the problem, and in this case our negligence along with the brutality of officers selected by our elected people is the cause. Let's suggest ways of steady, sustainable recovery for the North-East.

Seperatist tendencies arise because of mass negligence. Let us correct our mistakes.


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