Monday, May 22, 2006

Getting Value out of the Investment Game

If your trust is based in fundamentals, if your eggs are spread wide across diverse baskets, if every entity whose stock you hold produces and sells something that you'd buy with confidence if you had the money and the need/desire, if the rise of your portfolio has been gradual and sustained, if you spend your own time researching and investing at least a good part of your own money, then market crashes are a time to buy, cautiously picking the birds that are pulled down for a moment but look strong enough to take flight soon.

Investment is a delicate dance, performed on the edge of a cliff in sporadic storms. If thy fingers are nimble, play on, and make a show to remember. What value do stock market investors add? Their collective mind, evaluating our production mechanisms. Stock markets act as Quality Assurance measures taken to ensure healthy economic growth.


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