Sunday, August 20, 2006

Abstract Consciousness

A swarm of a thousand selves, each with a hue and glow of its own creates a brilliant dance, like the shimmering of a gentle lake in the early morning sun. A diamond dazzles but for a moment, and indeed that ephemeral dazzle is the diamond. "Diamond" is not a stone. It is a concept, a name for something much greater. As we go up in the ladder of abstraction, a diamond is brilliance. Abstractions interacting lead to yet "higher" abstractions, and from the instantaneous we progress towards the eternal. From a shimmer to brilliance, from attraction to love, from thought to understanding, from existence to consciousness, from consciousness to meaning. Semantics reside in relations between symbols. And these relations are themselves symbols. Syntax defines structure, and when a structure is able to represent parts or the whole of itself, the structure gains intrinsic meaning, that is, it acquires an awareness of self.

The dance is continuous, flowing. Watching it in parts, one sees abrupt changes, but from the right level of abstraction, it feels natural, like the flutter of a light white skirt in a gentle breeze, complementing the serenity of her calm face on a worriless morning.

It is when I see this form of Her in the continuous dance of my Self, that I give the name "bliss". And there does not exist any enlightenment beyond it.

I am the shimmering lake, and in that instance I am It. Eternal, Formless, Limitless, Conscious of my Infinitude.


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