Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yet another articulation of the value of science

Real processes in the real world are defined among neural networks like ours in terms of large vocabularies and correspondingly complex grammars defined by the underlying scientific tradition(s) given us by the giants who are truly the luminescent cadaver under our alleged laurels. Sincere weaklings classify these hierarchies of meaning as jargon, and the death-worthy regurgitate un-/misunderstood strings from such languages to appear noteworthy among their janitorial kin.

The true aspirant of vivek (conscientious discrimination), however, attacks the very foundations of one's own apparent claim to superiority, precisely to rid oneself of all that is merely "apparent" or "believed". Often such courageous toil leads to a deep bijection between the personally perceived and the popularly believed. Such an achievement, in itself, is worthy of being called the culmination of an intellectual life. Occasionally, it leads to the breakup and reorganization of that photo-voltaic corpse of unconnected beliefs into genuinely weighty connections, i.e. to novel understanding. Such happenings are often mis-articulated as "supernatural enlightenment" by the sincere weakling and the death-worthy pretender alike.

A neural network that "believes in oneself" without the requisite conviction of being ever-ready for judgment by all and sundry is logically obligated to find a spoonful of pigeon-shit to drown its own over-existence in. This, in slightly inebriated terms, is the injection from my mind (the conceptual space within which I exist) into the value of Science.

~ bows to the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster ~


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