Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A note on rational collective behaviour

There is nothing if not a result of evolution (it seems). Survival of the "fittest" presumes only a local partially-ordered-valued fitness function. Evolution is largely based on the 0th law of physics: the principle of least action, mixed with pure chance. What that inevitably leads to is a non-monotonic fitness function and a local-optima-finding traversal scheme. Plus the fitness function is non-monotonic also in the time-dimension of its domain. So it isn't even the case that over large enough periods of time evolution will create species that are provably better than their ancestors. Platipii, remember?

Now it is the case that humans possess considerable brain-power to resolve fairly real-world scenarios to be able to predict a few plies. Plus just the fact that kin are often closest in location (by the obvious locality of reproduction and locomotion) makes it probable for those genes to survive which create higher compassion for genes (and memes) closest in kinship. Nothing "other-worldly" about this. These two combined give rise to society. With sufficient (yet finite) memory capacity this leads to culture.

Society, politics are only survival of the fittest, where fitness is a non-monotonic (chaotic?) function over biospheric space-time. That is why we have greater or lesser effectiveness of various social behaviors and policies.

Also remember: absolutes and authorities have survived a long time, because of the _limits_ of our mental capacities as a species.

Generally, ethos is fractal casuistry.


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